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2018-05-06 10:14

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Edited by ansh1410 at 2018-05-06 07:45

Hello everyone I'm the Moderator of this Section. Below our some rules you should follow:

Please use search button to see if someone already created a thread on it.

  • Describe your thread briefly depicting your problem.
  • Always mention the firmware version [Flyme OS Version]. Some bugs are firmware specific and already found.
  • Threads having very short explaination will be deleted without prior warning to Author.
  • Respect other Users. Use of foul language is strictly prohibited.
  • Try your best to speak in english so that everyone can help you.
  • If you have any suggestions, use SEARCH to check if one had already suggested it. If not then write to Suggestion Section
  • If you want to report a bug, use SEARCH to check if someone had already reported it. If not then write to Bugs Section

Please follow the above rules and maintain dignity of Forum.
Feel free to P.M. me and ask your queries.