Instagram-camera problem (fail)



2018-05-01 23:57

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Hello to everyone, I'm an Meizu M3 Note L version user, and three days ago while I was trying to load a picture to my instagram story, the app lagged, freezed and exit itsel. Ever since that moment, I can't send a picture or upload a story, generally use my came inside the app for any reason at all (it works perfect in other apps).
I've tried clearing data, uninstalling and re-installing Instagram, as well as switching phone on-off. Moreover, I've re-installing the latest flyme os (I had it already installed it before the incident happened).
So, I sent Instagram a bug message,  they tried to correct it, updated the app and still the problem stood, even though in the beginning it seemed to work.
Please check it out, if there's and actual flyme-bug so I can try to find another solution.
Thanks in advance