[Weekly Discussion #2] Dual Cameras: How important they are for you?



2018-04-20 17:38

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Hello Fellow fans,

I am back with another Volume of Weekly Discussion Series and in this we will discuss about Dual Cameras!

More and more smartphone makers have been including dual-camera setups in their devices, and for good reason. Including an extra camera on the back has its benefits, such as the ability to take more detailed portrait shots, or using the second sensor to create a wide-angle photo.

download (1).jpeg

Depending on the type of secondary camera used, a dual camera can help you get a sharper image with more details, enable an

ultra-wide angle mode or simply help you take photos with a shallow depth of field to make the subject stand out.

At times, the dual camera setup can also help you add 1x or 2x optical zoom to the phone.

Other manufacturers are proudly embracing the single camera. Google just recently unveiled the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and both devices have one 12.3 MP shooter on the back. That’s because Google is trying to accomplish with just one camera sensor what other OEMs are doing with two. For instance, the Pixel 2 features a portrait mode on both the front and the rear cameras.


Meizu also has Introduced dual Camera Phones like M6 Note and Pro 7 Plus and these smartphones have got huge Love from Users! and also the Meizu 15 is Confirmed to have Dual Camera Setup

What about you? Do you absolutely need a dual-camera setup on your smartphone, or are you okay with a single sensor? As long as my camera is reliable, I don’t care either way.

Share your Opinions with us in the Comments!

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