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2018-04-18 17:00

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Flyme 7 will be revealed on April 22 with MEIZU 15 and if you want to know about history of Flyme OS all previous versions, you can check that here.

Most of us have used Flyme 4 or later in our phones but in previous versions of Flyme OS,there were different versions of “Flyme” original ringtone. Ringtone named “Technology” in Flyme 6 was “Flyme_Dream” since Flyme 3. And a new version of “Flyme” Ringtone was added in Flyme 6.

I will share all versions of “Flyme” original ringtone here. You can download the “Flyme.zip” file from the bottom of the thread. Below is the list of all versions included in zip file –

  • Flyme_Tune_Bell (Flyme 3)
  • Flyme_Tune_Guitar (Flyme 2,3)
  • Flyme_Tune_Piano (Flyme 2,3)
  • Flyme_Tune_Synth (Flyme 2,3)
  • Flyme_Tune_Techno (Flyme 3)
  • Flyme_Tune_Theme (Flyme 2,3)
  • Flyme_Tune_Dream (Flyme 2-6) [Now Technology]
  • Flyme_Tune_Flyme6 (Flyme 6)

You can also download other ringtones from previous Flyme OS which are not available in Flyme 6 here.
I feel nostalgic when I listen these old versions. Let’s see if there will be another version of “Flyme” ringtone or any new ringtone will be added or not in Flyme7.   


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