Flyme 7 Countdown - What's New?



2018-04-16 15:29

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Today, Flyme's official social media channel has posted a countdown image for Flyme 7.
On the image it has traditional Chinese buildings with a clear stream. So it definitely means Flyme 7 is coming on the April 22nd launch event of the MEIZU 15! It's happening in Wuzhen, a famous town with traditional Chinese style and a trendy combination of internet culture.
The launch event of 15 and Flyme 7 will be held in the International Internet Expo Center of Wuzhen in the evening on April 22nd, and until then, Flyme's social channels will release a teaser for each countdown, which also contains hint for new Flyme 7 features. Let's wait and see what are the clues for the new features!
We'll update this thread everyday and leave your comments here to guess what features are the teasers referring to, who knows, you might be right

The second teaser comes with an astronaut roaming in space. On the background it has some light letters resembles eye exam chart. Wonder what feature does this refer to...

The teaser for April 18th is a boy playing with his cellphone while his mother was staring behind him. I think this one is pretty obvious. Have you get it?

The teaser for April 19 is a girl on a maze, yes, standing above rather than being in the maze. This image obviously wants to tell people Flyme 7 can bring users of out confusion. What will the feature be???

DAY 3- 1080.jpg

The teaser for April 20th is a thinking guy's head with alphabet around his brain. I suppose this feature is also facilitating users' quick access to the system.
The teaser for April 21st is a long paper with contents written on it. We can only guess it has something to do with users' data... What do you guys think?


Only 1 day to go!!! So excited!!! As always we will live update the event on the forum and social media channels, stay tuned to be see the brand new MEIZU 15 and Flyme 7 at the first time!!!