[Mod][Tweak] Use this Tweaks to Unleash the Real performance of your Device!



2018-04-09 14:50

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Hello Guys
Its me and I am Back with a Super Awesome Baggage of Tweaks! Its not my work I am just sharing this for you all!
Thanks to @tanu548 for this Awesome Tweak!

Warning:- I am not responsible for anything that Happens to your Device!

Lets start with introduction!

Kitana is an Android Flashable package that contains of different tweaks like improved battery and System performance and much more.  . .......

What are the Improvements that you get?
Battery Calibration
Battery States rest Battery
Saver Battery
Kernel Tweak
Balance kernel tweak
Performance Kernel Tweak
Ram Manager
Multitasking Ram manager
balance ram manager
gaming low ram flag flag tuner I/O boost I/O queue
SD card R/W Speed tweak
Interactive Gov tuner Profile Mod : battery, balance, performance init.d supports SD card R/W Fix
Enable Google Assistant GPU Rendering for UI Liquid Smooth UI Better Scrolling Ril

And More and More!

What you need to install this?
Your Android phone must be Rooted
Custom Recovery should be installed

How to Install this?
Just flash it via Customer Recovery!

Thanks to @heryantochandra for Confirming that this Works on Flyme 6!!

Again All credits Goes to @tanu548

Download the tweak here:   KITANA_25072017_V3.2.zip (3.2 MB, Downloads: 88)