Guide: Flashtool Meizu M5 stock rom



2018-04-06 19:25

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Download Flashtool app:!LMQjzSTT!e__-IUBCR2zCcPKimlI2NaLdlLF-rKssvuxFvLwgpRU

Extract this file and step by step:

1. Install the setup file in the drivers folder.
2. Starts the flash_tool.exe file in the folder Flashtool.
3. Click on “Download Agent” and select the file DA_PL.bin in the folder Flashtool.

And next, download Stock rom:
File Size: 2 GB

Extract this file and next step:

4. In flashtool app, click “Scatter-Loading” button and select the file “MT6750_ Android _scatter” in the firmware folder in "stock rom" file.
5. Uncheck in the “preloader” line
6. Choose "Download only" option and click "Download" button.
7. Now connect your device to the PC and restart your phone.The stock rom is newly flashed and the process should be confirmed with a green circle as successfully completed. If this is not the case, press the volume + button and the power button simultaneously to switch on the mobile phone until the Meizu logo appears.
8. Finished.