[CFT -Tutorial] Disable System Apps on Google Certified MEIZU Devices



2018-04-03 22:30

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Pro 7/Plus was the first MEIZU phone to come with Android 7. Also it was the first Google Certified MEIZU device. So, it comes with Google Apps Suite pre-installed. Google Apps Suite includes Google Services, Play Store and lots of other Google Apps. But some of the apps are useless which most of users never uses. Not only they take space on Home Screen or App Drawer but they give notifications everynow and then on Play Store to Update these Apps.

TouchPal Keyboard on all MEIZU devices based on Android 6 or below can be uninstalled easily and most of users uninstall it. But on Google Certified MEIZU Devices,it can’t be uninstalled and moreover it has lot of advertisements and it give notification to Set it as Default Keyboard every now and then.

So, if you want to disable these apps, this tutorial will help you. And as we know, all MEIZU devices launched after Pro7/Plus are Google Certified and all future devices also will be Google Certified. So, all users in future may like to Disable these apps.

Note :-There are many methods to Disable these apps or even remove this apps but this methodis the easiest and also you will get Android AOSP look and features on yourphone.

So, let’s get started.

Steps to Disable Google System Apps –
  • Install Pixel Launcher and Set it as default launcher. You can download it from the bottom of the thread.
  • Long press on any Google System App you want to disable and tap on App Info or ”i” icon.
  • Tap on Disable. A pop will appear, tap on “Disable App”.
  • App is Disabled now and you can enable it by searching it on Google Play Store and tapping on “Enable”.

S80403-205120(1).jpg S80403-205134(1).jpg S80403-205138(1).jpg S80403-205328(1).jpg S80403-205333(1).jpg S80403-205337(1).jpg

TouchPal can’t be Disabled using Pixel Launcher because it is not visible in App Drawer so you can’t Long Press on it.

Steps to Disable TouchPal Keyboard –
  • Install Quick Shortcut Maker app from Play Store.
  • Open thee app and search “TouchPal”.The search function may not work sometimes or is slow so better scroll down in the app list to find TouchPal.
  • Tap on TouchPal then tap on any icon from the drop down list.
  • Tap on App Info.
  • Tap on Disable.
  • TouchPal is disabled now but youcan’t enable it back from Play Store as it was very old version pre-installed.You can install latest version of TouchPal from Play Store if you want.

*You can learn more about Pixel Launcher and it’s features here.

Here is the video tutorial to assist you better -
YouTube Video Tutorial

Download Pixel Launcher