[Debate] Software Updates Vs Hardware Upgrade: Which should Meizu focus Upon?



2018-04-03 15:20

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Hello fellow User,
Here I am with  a Debate!

The hardware and the software operating system are the two fundamental things needed by a smartphone to function. However, what do you think is better to consider more specially when a buying a smartphone? Is it its hardware specification, or the software it comes with


Meizu has Presented us with a Range of Mid Range Smartphones, But it has mostly been in the side of Mediatek Processors that has become a kind of boundation for its users!
The hardware of a smartphone includes all physical components which are built inside it. It includes the cpu chipset, the ram, camera lens, sensors, display technology, the battery, and more. They play a very vital role in the smartphone's performance and features. A software cannot work without its corresponding hardware. A camera app needs a camera hardware, a compass app needs a compass hardware, so on and so forth. And also, smartphones nowadays don't have interchangeable hardware parts yet so considering the hardware first before the software is a good thing. The software could limit the hardware's capability but the software has always room for fixes and improvements.

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In terms of software Meizu has always been quite supportive to its Users
The software on the other hand are the programs that runs the hardware of the smartphone. Without it, no hardware would function.The software coming out from the display screen is what we interact with the most. User-friendly and beautiful software interfaces give us joy and ease so considering a smartphone's operating system is also important. Popular mobile operating systems include Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry OS. Android, being an open-source operating system offers different looks and features depending on their software developers. Popular android os's include MIUI, Cyanogenmod, Paranoid Android, and the stock AOSP. And one important thing to know is that a hardware won't function without a software.

We all want both Good Software accompanied with Fantastic Hardware but Incase you were asked that which should u prefer or which one should Meizu focus on?
Which Would you choose
Express your Opinion with the Reason why you choose it!Thanks

End Time: 2018-7-2 14:45

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I will go with the Software Updates

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I choose Hardware Updates

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