[ROOT] *Tutorial* Move your games/apps to the SD card (OBBfiles...)



2018-03-13 03:20

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S80313-19030493.jpg    S80312-19534659.jpg S80312-19530436.jpg S80312-19495035.jpg  Hi I found a solution to move your apps or games to your SD on flyme 6

」1 You need to have root permission

」2 Download folder mount on the google play store

」3 Launch the app and accept the root permission but after you accept the root permission the app saying to you “we cannot write on your sd card” so the app propose to you a Patch you have to accept and it restart you meizu phone after that you can lauch the app

」4 Go on the top left corner and go to scan application and choose your application/games you want to move.

5」choose the second choice with OBB and tap on yes and yes/(No (If you want to choose an other location)

and wait for the application to finish writing on your SD card.

6」 return to the menu of the app (when you launch the app)add DONT ACTIVE your app/games and Its DONE!

PS:Sorry for my bad english im french