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2018-03-08 16:02

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MX5 Personal Tips and Suggestions from Experience
            Hi Meizu Users, I bought a Meizu MX5 a few days ago because its so cheap for a helio X10 device with Power VR as gpu, I bought for 5200 pesos in our country's currency and 102$ if converted to US dollars. I had my meizu m3 note that has helio P10 as processor for 3 years which is very powerful device, can play heavy games but because of its 2gb ram, I can only install a few high end games, so I searched the net and found this MX5, SUPERB really!!! Greatly exceeded the M3 note in gaming because of cpu and gpu and ram. I even have a snapdragon 430 phone with 3gb ram but compared to MX5, no match really but enough about intro lets get to it:
           The MX5 may come in Global version or China Version, as for me I recieved a China Version(OS ending in A) thats why its cheap.The Global Version is very easy to operate, hundreds of tutorials are applicable when you search the net so ill be talking about chinese Version, the cheaper one which is a little trickier. Ive read many thread about MX5 and its problem like firmware corrupt and Google, aside from hardware issues, I think I can help with my suggestions:

1. Firmware problem: First check if your using a global version or chinese verion, do this by going to settings, about phone then look for build number, Check if its ending in G or A, for example mine is Flyme so mine is chinese version. Now download the Firmware in " ". This is the Flyme website for chinese version phones and the language is chinese. If your using computer, its very easy to translate, for mobile, I havent try. Click download, then click your phone, in the download page you should see the latest Firmware ending in A, As I checked its already After downloading, There should be no more "Firmware Corrupted" showing when you update your firmware. Updating Firmware in Chinese version is the same for global version so search the net for tutorial.
+I have some isssues with 6.3 so I downgraded it to 6.0 cause its more stable i think, if you want to do the same, check this website:
" ", they have for MX5

2. Google Problem: I had this problem after updating to 6.3A and 6.0A, so I assume, this problem is for all units, in installing the Google play in global(back when im using m3 note) there is no problem at all, very easy. Go to Apps Center, It should all be in chinese language, locate search(with symbol) type Google then hit search, theorethically the top app that will show up will the Google installer but if not the symbol should look like a 4 square blocks with letter G( I will post the screenshots later). Install it and open. wait for it to install and the device will reboot. If your facing the same problem as me, you will notice that there is no playstore icon on the screen, you will find this in the google installer, it will say "go to playstore" in the bottom, tap it and you will go to playstore but the second time you enter the google installer, you will be asked to repair which basically tells you, you have not yet installed the google play store. if you repair, you go back to installing it and reboot again. to solve this after installing and reboot, go to file manager, from there goto apps, youll see the playstore apk in the list, install it manually it will ask you to replace the current apk with the same apk but do it, after installing it, VOALA! you'll see your playstore icon in the home screen and the loop ends.
+I advise you not to sign in in the first installation through goole installer. do it after you fix it.

3. Bloatware Problem: This for the Bloatware Apps in chinese version like, its own game store which is all chinese. I think the global version doesnt have those. Its very easy to solve this though, first root the phone which by far the best feature of Meizu phones for me, search the net for tutorial. Then install system app remover in google play store. You can now uninstall system apps.
+Rooting requires account in Meizu, create account first make sure you are logged in in your account uisng the device before rooting or else you wont be able to root
+Be very careful upon uninstalling system apps, I just choose those that I wont really be needing like game center downloader, not game center itself, do not remove the appstore even if its laguage is chinese. If your not sure just leave it installed, i just suggest this because Im a gamer, for me less bloatware apps less work for ram