January Highlights 2018



2018-02-07 02:51

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Hi guys! Missed me? Here I am with the highlights of the first month of 2018! Let's get it started!

Event & Holiday

Flyme collections

Tutorials & Reviews


Top viewed threads for January
(1st place: 10 USD worth Amazon gift card,
2nd place: 7 USD worth Amazon gift card,
3rd place: 5 USD worth Amazon gift card.)

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Top 20 users in January
The points will be the calculation result of thread (5 points) + reply (1 point) + signin (1 point). The results of January are as follows:
photoeditorsdk-export (1).png

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1. post it in the proper section, for example, post your tutorials in General > Tutorial section, or post your wallpapers in General > Resources section, so it can be found easily;
2. instead of simply attach a Youtube link in the thread, try writing the thread with as many details and steps as possible. Or you can embed the video in the thread so forum members can view it directly (Check video embedding tutorial here). This way, users can easily learn the trick and your thread views will be boosted more easily.

As always, we would like to give our appreciation to our moderators and content writers, for they have contributed their valuble time and experience to help our users and made our forum better day by day. Thanks guys!

These are the highlights from January. You can also check highlights from previous months. See you next month!