A Beautiful Flyme A theme running on Flyme G.(Download)



2018-02-01 20:34

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Edited by PULKIT007 at 2018-02-03 22:38

Hello everyone,
I want to share a theme shared by Evil Spirit(ViSu143) in flyme chatbox telegram group,
here are some screenshots of theme running in Flyme, perfectly,

S80201-172550.jpg S80201-172639.jpg S80201-172556.jpg S80201-172651.jpg S80201-172624.jpg S80201-173353.jpg S80201-173400.jpg S80201-174922(1).jpg

To apply it from themes app, download provided zipfile, unzip it and paste it to

Note:- If there is a theme with same name just delete it and then paste it. com.meizu.theme.model.default.zip (14.64 MB, Downloads: 6314)