[News]Does Your Device Get Certificate From Google?



2018-01-17 16:08

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Did you know about google certificate before?
And what is google certificate for?
And how to know if your device not certificate?

Have you ever felt that Chrome, Google Play Store or Play Service and other apps from Google are not running well? Force close?
Certified Android devices are tested for security and performance and preloaded with Google apps.

Google Certificate function to ensure that the Google app already installed on your device is completely original and other apps from the Play Store can function as well.
These devices are also confirmed to have been equipped with Google Play Protect to improve the security of malware attacks, hacking and more.
Later devices that have passed the test will get a certification marked with a Google Play Protect logo on the box device.

To find out if your device has been certified,
You can see it here https://www.android.com/certified/partners/

*if your device not certificated it's possible that your activity is being tapped and your important data can be stolen.