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2018-01-13 06:47

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So I am using Meizu devices since the mighty M8. Back when Android was hardly a thing and it was running on something called Windows CE. I had 3 other Meizu flagships since then, got all of them at a time when they weren't officially exporting globaly and it was a real hustle to get your hands on one.
So I knew it was not meant to be fine-tuned for the average international user. I knew it and I accepted it but I loved the devices.
I stick with the MX3 until last summer, when I decided to give Meizu yet another go. I was quite dissapointed with the Mediatek processor choices on the so called "flagships" (there can be no flagship with a Mediatek CPU, not yet at least), so naturaly the Pro 6 Plus got my attention and finally bought it.
It's a great looking phone, beautiful display, nice camera and some serious power under the bonnet.
All in all a nice and tidy phone, but...

How can you possibly think it's ok to not have rolled out an update since August, or something, for your just one year old flagship.
Even then Android 6 was outdated, Google had just released Anroid 8 for the Pixel.
How can you still not include Play Store and Google Services out of the box like all the other chinese competitors do and we rely on messy 3rd party installation.
How can you call a version "Stable" when you can't access the camera app through the lock screen because of a bug.
How on earth can you BLOCK the NFC function in the Global Version.

I'm fed up with the chinese ROM, I'm not going back. This time I WAS expecting you to release a real international flagship. In fact you have the international community completely negligent. Your problem probably is you focus so hard on releasing the same device with a different name and slightly different specs over and over again, that you don't have the physical resources to develop a proper ROM.
Get your priorities straight, hire some proper international managers (you probably don't even have one), don't release 50 different devices each year or hire more developers and finally give us a damn hint on when (if ever) we get a new update.
This post will probably not be read by anyone anyway, so thanks for wasting my time on it too.

PS. Almost forgot the pathetic app implementation of the otherwise exclusive and excellent preasure sensor.

Regards, a VERY dissapointed Android Marshmallow user.