MX4 Pro - cannot change fingerprint or get Google assistant



2018-01-12 06:02

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Hi, I have an MX4 Pro with Flyme (Android 5.1.1 it says).

Three issues are:

Google Assistant is not compatible (I guess as it's not Android 6). Is there anything I can do? If it will eventually work then I could wait.

My fingerprints are set but I'd like to change. But, under "Fingerprint identification" I can also see the 5 fingerprints set up. There is no option to remove one and set another.

Another annoying feature, is that the Google Calendar widget doesn't update for the current day unless I go online and wait a bit. I'm not talking about actual events being updated, but the day itself. For example, today is Thursday but if I've not been online for two days it will still think it's Tuesday. If I click into the app then it knows it's Tuesday, it's just the widget that doesn't update.

Any help would be great!