2018-01-05 19:17

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Edited by Mark_Kushnerov at 2018-01-06 00:34

Dear developers! Flyme 6 was announced on November 30, 2016! Meizu M5 Note was announced on December 6, 2016! It's January 5, 2018! And for all this time you released only ONE global TEST firmware !!! At the moment, ONLY M5 Note does not have a global STABILE Flyme 6 !!! What's the difference between this phone and the rest ?! Why from the global beta test removed Android 7, while other companies release an update to Android Oreo ???
P.S. By the way, did you fix the problem of SYSTEM SERVICE when using GPS in Google Maps? At least 10 bug reports were written, and all of them were marked as viewed by you, the developers !!!

We are all very much waiting for your explanation about this situation!