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2018-01-03 10:08

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Happy new year my meizu family
I hope everybody enjoyed the 2017,
my best wishes is with you all,
make good resolutions and follow your dreams but remember one thing that do not hurt anyone.
I hope meizu will do better this year...
so now I  will tell you about my 2017
well 2017 was so hectic for me
many tragedy happend but these tragedies can not stop me
first tragedy was that I lost my phone my meizu m3s which I bought on Dec 2016
my m3s was my best friend its camera design built quality performance everything was awesome, but I lost it later I bought meizu m3 note  which I thought will be a good phone just like m3s but I was wrong its display was good but except that everything was bad
then I broke it's display also
after that my girlfriend broke up with me
and I was crying like an idiot, we were together since 5 years but then also she left me alone.
later I got failed on my first year exams
my parents were so angry with me
I was depressed and disappointed.
then later I lost my grand mother who was very close to my heart.
in between all these tragedies I was thinking and searching for some positivity which helped me to overcome my depression and now I am happy not depressed so atlast I want to say that whatever the situation is always think positive and searc some positive vibes