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2017-12-31 01:19

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Edited by YashiG at 2018-01-03 01:35

Hello there!

Here are stocks apps from M6 []

These are based on android nougat so devices which are on chinese firmware or global can download and upgrade apps!


The apps are:

1]Calculator apk
2]Calendar apk
3]Email apk
4]Game center apk
5Llife apk
6]MzBackup apk
7]Notepaper apk
8]Reader apk
9]ToolBox apk
10]Weather apk
11]CustomizeCenter apk
12]MzInput apk
13]SoundRecorder apk
14]Alarm clock apk
15]App center apk
16]Camera apk
17]File Manager apk
18]Flyme Launcher apk
19]Music apk
20]MzAccount  apk
21]MPay apk
22]search apk

zip files are attached below


3.49 MB

5.16 MB

5.71 MB

9.31 MB

6.9 MB

2.59 MB

5.75 MB

8.73 MB

5.65 MB

7.1 MB

16.78 MB

3.28 MB

4.13 MB

10.03 MB

4.17 MB

10.49 MB

3.63 MB

3.51 MB

14.98 MB

3.96 MB

5.28 MB