Flyme for M6



2017-12-27 15:48

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Release Note


Downloading using cellular data may incur additional charges. If possible, please download the update file via WLAN.
To avoid loss of data & if required, please perform Flyme or relevant backups before updating the system.
To avoid bricking your phone, please do not turn off or restart the device while updating.


Optimized system multi-language
Optimized systemstability
Optimizedcompatibility to third-party apps
Fixed bug—in guest mode, go to “Apps”, tap “All”, and a flashbackto Home screen occurs
Fixed bug—theinput method TouchPal has dark shadow on its light-colored skins
Fixedbug—download and install apps on Amazon Appstore. The apps cannot be used afterinstallation and a reminder of installing and logging into Amazon Appstoreoccurs