Google Play require developers to declare which apps are ad-supported



2015-12-10 20:25

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According to some changes making their wayto Google Play’s terms of service, Google will now prominently display whichapps and games are ad-supported. Previously only required for games that wereapart of Google’s recentlylaunched “Designed for Families” program, the email sent out todevelopers today states that all Android devs have until January 11thof 2016 to declare the status of ads in their apps via the Play DeveloperConsole — kid friendly or not.

Developers who drag their feet won’t beable to update their apps/games until they do, with Google mentioning that theycould also be independently verifying ad status themselves. The newad-supported label will appear at the very top of the app’s listing on theGoogle Play Store, directly below the title. It’s a clear cut way to let usersknow what they’re getting themselves into, especially for protective parentsthat don’t want their kids potentially clicking a bunch of random ads.