Android N Closed Global Beta for M5 Note - First Look!



2017-11-10 17:50

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As we all know that latest Smartphones (In China & Global) from Meizu comes with Android 7 out of the box. Pro 7, Pro 7 Plus, M6 Note, M6 are the examples.

But what about older devices? A firmware (Chinese) already released Android N bases Flyme 6.2 for some older devices including M3 Note, M5 Note, Pro 6 Plus, MX6 etc.

But we are waiting for Android N for Global Firmware. I am sure we will get Android N for some older devices (which are compatible), later if not sooner.

But, Surprisingly, on 7th November, Closed Beta Testers of M5 Note received  Android N Beta. I was shocked because i was not expecting it without any announcement. May be it is temporary beta to check the bugs. But neverthless you can check how Android 7 looks like in M5 Note below(What's New) -

Here is how "About Phone" looks like now-

Font Size & Display Size
Now we can change "Font Size" (Addition to previous option in Display in settings) and "Display Size". You are familiar to Font Size already. So, what "Display Size" do? Well, it make items on the screen smaller or larger. Check screenshots below, Icons on home screen are now smaller and space is increased too between them.

7.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

Bundled Notifications
This is very interesting feature. Now, all notifications are bundled according to app they are coming from. You can expand or comress the notifications.

[Note:- These 3 screenshots are from Android N on my M3N as i did not captured SS in my M5N during installing apps. But it is same in M5N]
8.jpg 9.jpg 11.jpg

Notification direct reply
Finally, we can reply to messages directly from notication without opening the app. Cool?

12.jpg 13.jpg

Multi Mode or Split Screen Now supports almost all apps
This Feature was suggested lot of times and now it is possible to use Multi Mode with almost all of the apps. Not all systems apps are supported but almost all 3rd party app you will install, it is supported.


Wi-Fi(WLAN) Tethering
Now you can share your WLAN with other with this feature. For example, if you are connected to your personal (Home) WLAN and your Neighbour or Not So Good Friend ask you for WLAN password, you can simply use this feature. He can connect to the WLAN either by scanning the QR code or a random password. So no need to share your WLAN Password.   

mCharge, Mono Audio and Pointer Options
I will check how this mCharge function work after some days of testing but Mono Audio is a cool addition. I enabled it and the audio quality and loudness increased. There are few Pointer options too for users who use Pointing device like Mouse with Meizu Phones which you can check below.

So, these are some new features i noticed on First Ever Global N Beta. But as usual there are some bugs too. Google Maps API is not working which means you can not share your location in apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook etc and Apps which require this API like Uber are not working. App Cloner is removed. Macro Mode and Light Field Mode in Camera is removed. Battery performance is not so good and some other bugs too.
I am not sure if this Android N Beta will continue or not but if continues, it will be great and we may get Android N for other devices too, sooner or later.