Which type of Icons and Wallpapers you like?



2017-11-02 23:00

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Greetings Everyone! As the Forum Website was on Maintenance last Month and we all were not able to create thread or reply in Forum App too as it was in "Read-Only" mode. But now Forum Website and App is working and we are welcomed with an amazing contest - The 2nd Flyme Cup Themes Design Contest! You must have checked it and if not, you can check it Here.

As it is a creative contest and winners will be decided on the basis of "Number of Downloads(60%)" & "Flyme Designers Review(40%)"
So, the winners will be decided by you people. So, i am creating this Poll to know what type of themes you people are interested in. What type of "Icons" and "Wallpapers" you like. It will help the designers to design better theme as per your likes.
You need to Login Forum Website to Vote this Poll. You can even reply your likes below if the option is not present in the Poll. You can Vote 5 options max. So, please Vote guys so that you can enjoy better themes.

Best of luck to the Designers!

*I am sorry for the spelling mistake (Wallpapers) in the Poll Options and i can't edit it.*

Here are some Icon Types-
Icon Types.jpg      
Multiple Polls: ( Maximum 5 choices ), Total 48 Users voted
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