[Exclusive] How to remove Opera Max {NO ROOT}



2017-10-11 18:36

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Hello Guys I am Ansh and I am back with another thread for you all.This time I will tell you how to remove the Opera Max App from your device.This will work on any Firmware and whether "A' or "G".

So let's get strated.


Opera Max is a Data Saver App which is provided by Meizu in there Flyme's ROMs. It Saves data by compressing it. Some people have found it useful but most users have requested Meizu to remove it. Now I will tell you an easy method that can be used to remove it.


1. A PC
2. With adb and fastboot drivers and mediatek/phone drivers installed.
3. A mildly working brain

1. Head over to the directory where you have installed adb and fastboot drivers and open a command window there.

2. Connect your phone to PC with usb debugging enabled.

3. Now execute the command : adb devices


3. Execute: adb shell
    Press Enter


4. Now execute : pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.opera.max.oem.meizu {This is the package name of Opera MAX}
    Press Enter


Now you have successfully removed Opera Max App from your phone. This method will also remove the Data Saver Toggle from Status Bar. This will increase your battery life a liitle bit as earlier the app used to run continuously in background.

Proof: Now I am attaching some screenshots below for proof.





Even the toggle get's Removed


My personal experience: I am getting more battery backup now and also users have noticed idle battery drain at night when the phone is idle will also not happen. Now In case you face any issues or want to gt the app back simply perform a Reset and the App will be back.

If you have any problems reply below I will try to help you as soon as possible. Thank You Guys....