Any posibility of having Flyme 6 for Nokia 6 or other Nokia mobiles??



2017-09-30 13:56

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I lost my M3 Note and was waiting for Pro 7 to come forsales. But there was no hint about when the mobile will be out for sales.
Forcefully went to buy Nokia 6 just for the look of it and the nostalgiafactor.

Now I’m feeling very bad for the OS. The stock androidhas got nothing. I CAN’T EVEN COMPARE IT WITH FLYME! Flyme was so good andthere were hell lot of options with a great UI. Miss you Flyme and Meizu

I heard rumours that Flyme will be released for Nokia. Isthat true? Can anyone confirm?
Also let me know if I can install any Flyme developed for other similar mobiles?
If not Meizu, please develop Flyme for Nokia. Seriously Flymeand Nokia will do wonders!.