[Flyme]few Important changes that flymeOS needs



2017-11-01 18:05

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flymeOS over the years has come a long way, from the very first flymeOS 1.0 to Its current iteration of flymeOS 6.0 there have been lot's of New features and Improvements these include top innovations like flat desing, mTouch, OneMind and In built root integration, Keeping these aside there are few things that went wrong with it and let's see what they are.
(Note: No OS is perfect and will never be perfect, but Improvement is something that can be done to make an OS close to perfection)


This is the first thing that needs a change, flyme development team must make sure updates are pushed in a timely manner irrespective of their region and there must be an official timeline that regularly let's users know what and when the updates gets pushed, I rarely see this happening now for stable version updates.
There are little things that saw no light even if they were the most requested features eg Badge Notifications)
frequent updates make meizu devices happy and happy devices in turn makes happy fans


slow android version upgrades with customized OS's are something common these days, but Android security patches are what im really concerned about and flymeOS is slow in getting security patches. which makes many devices running flymeOS vulnerable to latest security attacks, So meizu should push securty patches every month and must enable a feature that allows user to look up their android security patch level on every device and not just on their flagships
(Note: flyme updates do include some security patches within them but are usually hidden)

GMS certification

Meizu should somehow try and get GMS Certification ASAP, It helps global users to enjoy google services and serves greater compatibilty towards apps and games. According to what i know Previously meizu had partnership with GMS and later on google withdrew the partnership, as meizu didn't follow certain Terms that are necessary to sign MADA (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement) and to pass Android CTS (Compatibility Test Suite). Technically Meizu can easily pay off the license fee and all of its devices can pass android CTS but the issue here is that some meizu devices sold in mainland china run Aliyun or YunOS which is developed by Alicloud, for google to certify a OEM as its GMS partner the OEM must make all of its OS (in this case both flyme and YunOS) to pass android CTS so even if flyme passes android CTS and YunOS fails. meizu devices running on flyme will not be certified, So both of meizu's OS's should pass google CTS to be become official GSM partner, YunOS cannot pass CTS because it's not compatible with android and is developed from ground up by Alicloud, It has its own technology implementation for its virtual machine and runtime environment which is different from Android
Lets hope these issues get sorted out soon