Self-breakthrough Meizu charger PRO 6 review



2016-04-20 10:45

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The key parts of the standard mobile phone charger Meizu PRO 6 were compared PRO 6 of the new upgrade, in addition to changing the model name, voltage, current and other key parameters are more flexible, so as to achieve mCharge3.0 fast charge technology , this model UP0830 power adapter plans to keep the generation. What are the differences? Get this charger charging head net, bringing fresh dismantling and evaluation.   
First, dismantling the power adapter Meizu UP0830. This charger with a white appearance, also has the appearance of Meizus generation UP1220, like using a combination of PC + ABS material, and added fire retardant materials. External processes used nowadays is the common UV Cotaing process, it seems that there is piano paint visual effects. Output Specification 5V or 8V 3A or 12V 2A, output power up to 24W, the performance is quite powerful. We get the version from Jiangsu Chen Yang Electronics Co., Meizu design, the latter does not exclude that Meizu will enable the number of factories with this fast-charge foundry. 100-240V wide voltage input support global, travel to Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and America wont be able to use this feature.
Includes a single USB output, USB socket mold and fine workmanship. Commissars entire housing are concentrated at the bottom and out of uniform, you do not see too much of a gap. Also supporting a GB plug. Charger uses an ultrasonic packaging process, when the attention of dismantling techniques, or to the dismantling of non-destructive, non-professionals do not imitate. The LOGO silk is printed on the side of the housing, and then adds the UV Cotaing technology, then the LOGO surface forms a protective layer, with a closer look at a kind of oil color effects. Internal power compact layout. On the front of the circuit, a large amount of insulating silica stationary member, to avoid accidents caused by vibration.
On the back of the board, there are high and low voltage isolation insulating plastic sheet. Black is the resistance overvoltage protection, overvoltage breakdown short circuit resistance when the fuse blows in order to protect the circuit from damage. A part of EMI, common mode inductance. Mains input fuse. Main capacitor is used in Taiwan treasure TEAPO brand, voltage 400v three parallel method the total capacity of 12 micro 36 microfarads. Main capacitor is used in Taiwan treasure TEAPO brand, temperature 105 degrees.Transformer output winding. USB socket magnet does not suck using bronze. PCB printed charger internal development code name, date, version.
Seen from the drawing code named CY910, on January 12, 2016 has been designed well, the version number is REV00. Two 16V voltage solid-state output filter capacitor in parallel to a total capacity of 800 micro-farads. Four model GS2MF SMD rectifier diode rectifier bridge. Models of Dialog for IW1782 primary side AC / DC Controller (PWM). Depending on the voltage required for mobile devices, the adapter can be configured from 3.6V to 12V (200mV increments) multi-level output, and the solution can be used with QC2.0 and backward compatible with USB BC1.2 charging requirements. At the same time with MTK PEP2.0 within IW1782 fast charge identification. Synchronous rectification MOS Model AO4294 100V N-Channel MOSFET.

Review summary: (1) the world's first QC3.0 and MTK PEP 2.0 dual protocol mobile phone chargers, compared MX 5, PRO 5 original UP1220, PRO 6 original UP0830 better meet the fast charge trends of 2016 and even in 2017; (2) the charging power to once again raise up to 9V 3A = 27W, 5V-8V output gear is more flexible than the previous generation, easy to reduce heat to improve efficiency; (3) still maintained a consistent Meizu simple design style; (4) the price has not been announced.