[Exclusive] Meizu M5 Note Latest Beta New Features



2017-09-12 23:31

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In my last review thread of first beta of M5 Note, i shared lot of new features and also said it is one of the best beta ever. After a couple of beta versions with minor changes, a new beta released today with some interesting changes. Changes are few but as i promised that i will share whenever a new major feature is available, so i am here to share with you.

New Status Bar UI
You will notice it as soon as your phone is booted. There are some new icons, for example low battery icon in the screenshot. Also 4G LTE, 3G & G can be seen on the right of network bars. It is something new as compared to prevous set-up but it is actually taking lot of space too.
Status Bar.png

New Update App
This update app feature was already available in A firmware and is added to G firmware first time. Now you can update system apps (if available) from update app itself. No need to check for updates in indivudual app. Also you will get updates of system apps you never got before(In A firmware i used to get updates of apps i never knew they exist in my phone).
I updated App Store from the update app and you can see changelog in screenshot below of New App Store.
S70912-172505(1).jpg S70912-172555.jpg S70912-172935.jpg

New Option in Battery Settings (Graph is back)
Finally, Battery Consumption History Graph is back and you have option to enabe/disable it. Also Hardware and Software Battery consumption is clubbed as one tab.
S70912-192752.jpg S70912-192759.jpg
New UI when you Downgrade

When you downgrade to firmware version lower than current version, you will be shown this prompt message and you also need to choose reason why you are downgrading. This way Devs can know why users are downgrading.

That's it for now. There may be more new features but i had to Downgrade to previous beta due to serious issue in this beta. I will update this thread if that issue is solved.