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2017-09-07 16:40

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Battery life is a crucial part in our daily usage. It's so important that when we buy a phone, battery will be an important factor to be considered. When we use a phone, no matter how big the battery is, we always feel it's insufficient. So today, let's see what's in Flyme 6 to let us manage the battery for longer time.

There are 2 ways of entering the battery managing page:
1) go to 'Settings' app and then go to 'Battery';
2) go to 'Security' app and then go to 'Battery'.
Once you're in the Battery managing page, you can see 3 options: Power usage details, Low power mode and Super saving mode; and 1 settings icon on the upper right corner.

Let's take a look at the settings. Here you can choose if you want to enable Performance mode or not. When you check 'Balance performance and endurance', the phone will be stay in a relatively balanced status, which means you get moderate performance and considerably longer battery; however, if you check 'Prioritize performance and display', you'll get better phone performance and brighter display, and of course it will consume the battery faster.

Also there is 'Smart sleep' feature. After several days of usage, the system will know when you're asleep (certain long hours without any operation appearing regularly),  and it will turn off the network during your sleeping time so as to save some battery.

The last option in Settings page is 'Enable by schedule'. After you enable this, 3 more options will be unfolded so you can choose which mode you would like to enable regularly. For example, I don't want to be disturbed during my sleeping time, so I set it as 'Super saving mode' from 23:00 to 07:00, during which my phone will automatically switch to Super saving mode.

Back to the previous page, let's check out the rest 3 options.
Power usage details: here you can see the usage details of both each software and hardware part;
Low power mode: here you can see what's Low power mode, and choose if you want to turn off network when the phone is on standby;
Super saving mode: This mode is for circumstances when your battery is really really low and you don't want to miss calls so you have to sacrifice other features. But now in Flyme 6, you can add apps to allow it runs in the this mode.

This is the power saving modes that we have in Flyme 6. Do you find it helpful in saving battery?
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