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2017-09-04 18:30

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Hello Guys I am Ansh Singh and I am back here with another thread for you all guys....

As you all know Google recently launched Android 8.0 Codenamed Android Oreo. The builts are limited to Pixel Devices and some Nexus devices or for some devices for which the developers were working hard to get the rom built. But why to be sad when you can try the Android Oreo System Apps.


A developer on XDA has ported all Android Oreo Apps for other devices. He has also given Oreo Sounds and inbuilt Wallpapers. So here are the download links :

Fonts : Fonts

Photos : Photos

Camera : Camera
Messaging : Messaging

Contacts : Contacts

Maps : Maps

Gmail : Gmail

Calender : Calender

Google Home : Google Home

Google Music : Google Music

Oreo Sounds : Sounds

Stay Tuned to this thread as I will upload other apps soon.....If you like my thread please favourite it and share it to other people also. Thank You Everyone......