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2017-08-29 09:52

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1、 This rom is developed by a non-official volunteer developer. Flashing the rom has risks, and by flashing the rom you automatically break your warranty on the phone, please operate carefully. All damages due to improper operations during rom-flashing will be taken by the user himself.

2、 If the device is not unlocked, please unlock the device first. (Please search the official website of the device to find specific method.)

3、 Flashing the firmware will erase all data on your device! Before       proceeding, ensure the data you would like to retain is backed up to your PC and/or your Google account, or equivalent.

3、Supporting devices:G900F,G900P,G900T,G900M,G900I,G900S,G900K,G9OOL,G900R4,G900R6,G900R7,G900W8,G900V,G9009D,G9006W,G9008W,G9009W,G9006V,G9008V,SCL23,SC-04F,SM-420L

4、The rom is based on G9008WZMU1CQB1 and it is necessary to flash the based rom. (For the specific method, you need to search your device’s official website.)
Based rom:download link

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More information about these approaches

【Required Tools】

Recovery Download Link
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Note:Considering that flashing the recovery is a basic skill for advanced users, we are not providing any tutorial on recovery. If you don’t know how to do it,you can use Google and there are many tutorials, such as
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【Flashing Steps】

➀ Please confirm that you have flashed a custom recovery.
➁ Place the Flyme6.zip package, as well as any other .zip packages on the root directory of /sdcard:
➂ With the device powered off, hold Volume Up & Power buttons and choose Recovery Mode.
➃ Select Wipe-Swipe to Factory Reset and other operations are not needed.
➄ Go back to the main menu, then select Install. Find the zip package, select it and follow the on-screen prompts to install the package.
⑥ Once installation has finished, return to the main menu, select Reboot, and then System.

1、If error 7 occurs, please enter the Advanced Wipe, check Dalvik / ART Cache and System and Data and Cache, right wipe, and then return to the main interface point restart -Recovery mode, until the phone reboot again into the recovery and then re-install the ROM!

2、If you have any questions when you flash the rom, you can feed back in this thread.
Flashing the Rom has risks, please operate carefully

【Picture display】
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