help with "Couldn't get update info" to downgrade from flyme 6 to 5



2017-08-12 20:08

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Flyme, Meizu m2
Failure to downgrade OS I get the "Couldn't get update info" messages while trying to downgrade from Flyme to Flyme Re-download the files doesn't help nor is factory or hard reset (I still get build version Flyme after reset) Your Help is very much appreciated.

Reason to downgrade.
I can't stand the new flyme Os 6 because of it's animation  when switching between apps is making me really sick, I mean like really dizzy. And I hate the 3 SC lag from screen changing. Plus I  hate how the task manager is now, applications  is browsed horizontally, I like in Flyme OS 5 that it was Vertically ...