[Must See] New Features in Flyme 6 on Android 7 (Nougat) for M3 Note Review



2017-08-12 13:33

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We all are waiting for Android 7 Nougat for our meizu devices specially the ones which have Android 5.1 now which is kind of old in 2017 (Close to 2018).
  Last month, Android N Beta was rolled out for selected users for various models(A Firmware). I decided to Register for the Beta for my M3 Note and i received Android N Beta on 8th August (Due to Delays). Honestly speaking, my first experience with this Beta was worse on any beta ever as it was full of bugs and my phone was just next to dead. But i received another Beta yesterday which fixed few serious issues and now its usable at least. I noticed few new features in this beta which i will share below with screenshots.
  Don't expect a lot of new features in Android N, we have to wait for Flyme 7 for the kind of chnages you are expecting. New APIs, Comptibility and some Android N exclusive feature - That's all you will get.

Here is How "About phone" looks like after latest beta -

Font Size & Display Size
Now we can change "Font Size" (Addition to previous option in Display in settings) and "Display Size". You are familiar to Font Size already. So, what "Display Size" do? Well, it make items on the screen smaller or larger. Check screenshots below, Icons on home screen are now smaller and space is increased too between them.
2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
6.jpg 7.jpg

Clubbed Notifications
This is very interesting feature. Now, all notifications are clubbed according to app they are coming from. You can expand or comress the notifications.
8.jpg 9.jpg

Direct Reply From Pop-Up Notifications
Finally, we can reply to messages directly from pop-up notication without opening the app. Cool?
12.jpg 13.jpg

Multi Mode or Split Screen Now supports almost all apps
This Feature was suggested lot of times and now it is possible to use Multi Mode with almost all of the apps. Not all systems apps are supported but almost all 3rd party app you will install, it is supported.
14.jpg 15.jpg
16.jpg 17.jpg

Play Protect
This is feature of Google Play Store but only Android N phones supports it.
18.jpg 19.jpg

Application Pinning
Honestly speaking, i don't know how to use this feature and also not all apps are supported for now. But what is does is that you can pin any app with fingerprint or password, and give the phone to your friend, he can't open any other app or close the app without fingerprint or password. He can only use that specific app.
20.jpg 21.jpg

Battery History Graph Enable/Disable Option
Now there is an option to enable or disable the Battery History Graph in Battery Settings.

App Cloner
I already covered this feature in my M5 Note new features thread. Now this feature is in M3 Note too.

Mono Mode
I tried this feature while listening to music and the output was different. (Can't tell now as there is bug in volume in the beta, Volume is full in Half bar and if we increase it, sound clarity decreases)

Drive Assistant
Never tried this feature but it looks promising.

Eye Friendly Mode
Was already in Android M devices, now M3 Note have it too.
This is just Second Beta, i will keep updating this thread after every new Beta (If new feature noticed). In the end of august, open beta of Android N will be available on China Flyme Website (A Firmware). I will share the link with you.

Have a nice day