Flyme Developers! I don't understand you!!!



2017-08-10 05:34

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Edited by Andriylist at 2017-08-09 23:37

I am a beta tester of Flyme 6 G for M5Note and on the 2 of August I received last beta version of Flyme. But today I saw in Flyme forum app that there is new G (without any explanation - beta it of stable) and on official Ukrainian Flyme Facebook page there is post about new beta Flyme 6 for M5Note, M5 and M5s... In Forum app this thread in top, but on forum web page I don't see it in some top threads...
At last, I download it, and what a.. pity!!!
There is almost another OS, I mean that there a lot of difference between my last beta and new A lot!!! There are not many functions in that was in I was waiting for new version of beta on next Thursday, when I saw news in forum app about new version of Flyme for M5Note, I started app "Update" but there I saw, that I have the last version...
Pls, tell me, how many beta versions exist?? Do you work with two or more versions at the same time for testers and public?