Super mCharge – Charge your 3000mAh battery



2017-07-17 20:28

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Meizu claiming that they were going to present something 3.6x faster than a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and 11x faster than an iPhone 7 Plus?

Well, it turns out to be a new revision of Meizu’s mCharge technology, allowing to charge a 3000mAh in just 20 minutes. Even if you just have 5 minutes you will make it to 30%, in 10 minutes to 60% and to 85% in 15 minutes.

However, while this is actually something useful and greatly appreciated from the majority of users, we wonder how the battery will deal with the fast charge. As most of you know while charging a chemical process is taking place. From time to time the effectivity reduces until the battery is done. Chemically, higher temperatures/greater power input will speed this process up drastically.

According to Meizu the new technology won’t change this fact, actually its said to be safer, more secure and efficient. To achieve this the phone’s battery won’t exceed 39°C while charging, thus can be achieved by higher yield efficiency and use of only half as much current.

To cut it short – enjoy to charge your device from 0-100 in 20 minutes without any backdraws.

Most likely we will be able to see the new mCharge in the next couple of devices, which might feature even bigger batteries.