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2017-07-11 14:45

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Hey all m2 users,
I hope you all has already updated your m2 to the latest fixed version of flyme 6 but do you really think it's fixed? I myself found bugs in this version and including that app crashing error makes everything worse(specially​ for heavy users). That's why I have to post this new thread so that users post all bugs here and flyme mods easily find all bugs report here and later I will report all bugs to the bug section. So users report all the bugs here to report those bugs, we really need a bug free update for m2, don't you?
Thanks in Advance​.
Till date the following bugs has been found by all users and by me, here I listed them and will list further if posted by more users....
(Note, in some rows users name has been mentioned, as those issues were only being facing by those users, rest all rows problems are facing by all users, including me.)
(The Follwoing "Table-listing" will not be shown clearly in forum app, to see the listing on this thread use any browser of your choice)
Poor RAM management Add Pop up feature
Facebook App crashing Add Recently Added Feature in Music Player, which was in flyme 5 music app
Some users got Boot loop System animation optimization
Low Storage Problem User AkashJ suggest, there should be a way to select any sim as the default calling sim.
Battery Draining Issue -----------NA---------
Some users facing Touch Issue -----------NA---------
Low Performance Problem -----------NA---------
Slow Charging Problem -----------NA---------
Call ending Issue when send data/receive data popup shown -----------NA---------
Lagging issue while gaming -----------NA---------
Flyme dialer issue, contact column not shown while calling -----------NA---------
Battery Draining Issue even in stand by -----------NA---------
Panorama mode not working in some user's phone -----------NA---------
Credential certficate installation issue which was not shown in flyme 5 -----------NA---------
Amazon app crashing issue (user mrvain2001) -----------NA---------
Camera light field mode not working -----------NA---------
Camera app freezes while using front camera without beauty mode -----------NA---------
user kriolo95 not able to install Whatsapp -----------NA---------
There is a bug found in the messaging app, user Vikashkumar, cant able to delete sender address once typed-----------NA---------
Instagram live feature issue, not working -----------NA---------
Phone warming issue in m3 note, m2 note, m2 -----------NA---------
Folder Renaming Issue, Folder on desktop renamed to Folder after boot -----------NA---------
Problem in the email app, overlapping problem still not solved in the latest release -----------NA---------
Searching​ doesn't work in any language other than english, in the contacts of the dialer app -----------NA---------
Dynamic color changing property not working sometime with some wallpapers, noted by Rajthechamp -----------NA---------
Music Player Slow Loading Session problem Noted by PawanGautam -----------NA---------
sstopa and many users including me facing camera focus error -----------NA---------
User zzot facing problem while taking pictures from WhatsApp, screen turned to white, though sometimes, but why? -----------NA---------
User AkashJ Complaining on the searching capability of the Music App -----------NA---------