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2017-07-11 11:12

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Update in September: In Flyme's official website, we put the third-party devices list in 'Download' page > 'Other brand', the page will be the first website to release new Flyme firmware for third-party devices, and our forum will release the news too. So stay tuned.
Update in August: to better fit into third-party phone users' download and discussions, we created a new section in
[Device] section >[Other Brands]. If you have phones that are not MEIZU but you still want to try out Flyme, you can check this section regularly to see if your devices are receiving porting ROMs. The volunteer developers will be in the section to collect your suggestions and bugs.

Great news!
In May and June, Flyme Chinese team worked with some excellent volunteer developers and ported Flyme to some popular third-party brands' smartphones. And now, these developers added English option to the porting ROM and released it on XDA!

If you or your friends want to experience Flyme 6 but don't have a Meizu phone, check out the list below and see if your device is in the list! The list will be updated as the developers are working towards more devices.

If you are interested in making suggestions or raising bugs to the portimg ROMs, please join the Telegram chatbox for the feedback of porting ROMs. If you are a developer interested in Flyme patchrom development, you can contact @FlymeDev_finder in the Telegram Group

1. Before you download and flash the porting ROM on your phone, please read the instructions or tutorials on the XDA page carefully to avoid misunderstandings. We suggest you to pay extra attention to the model name (including the device name such as G930, G935, and etc.) to make sure your phone is compatible with the firmware.
2. The firmware will be updated regularly, however, since the developers are third-party volunteers, they don't have full-time availability for the issues. Please pay attention to the 'Known issues' on the page to be prepared for the existing bugs.
3. Flashing ROM is a personal choice, therefore the developers and Flyme team will not be responsible for any data loss or phone damage due to the ROM flashing process. Please backup your data and make sure your phone is suitable for ROM flashing before actually flash the ROM.
4. The porting ROM project is seperated from Flyme Global firmware project, if you have any feedback on the porting ROM, please join the chatbox for quicker response.

5. Currently XDA is the only platform for the volunteer developers to release the global porting ROMs, if you download the porting ROMs outside XDA link, you might have downloaded Chinese version of porting ROMs which contain no English language option or have poor English interface.

Device List
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G930X/G935X)
Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G9300/G9350)
Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)

Mi Note Pro
Mi-4C (libra)
Redmi Note LTE

HTC One M8 All Single SIM

Nexus 6
Nexus 5X

OnePlus 3 / 3T
OnePlus 2

Lenovo Vibe K5

ZUK Z2 Pro