(Request) Flyme for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4



2017-06-16 05:57

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Dear Workers Flyme company. I hope, my letter will not refuse by friendship workers. I have problem. Several days ago, my phone had been stolen namely Meizu M3s. And i frankly speaking it is my mistake. More properly i did log out from my Flyme account until accident where my phone had been stolen. And owing to some causes, after this accident i began using another device because of i have some problems with money too. I have not idea to say: This phone awful and etc. But i get used to FlymeOS. And after accident videlicet after two weeks until now, i could not be used to OS system of this phone. I decided to write this letter. If it will possibly can you-all create FlymeOS for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. It is my first and biggest entreaty forwared to Flyme. If it possible help me, because i get used to FlymeOS, after only one device but, i think FlymeOS best among another OS systems. It is only my opinion, and sorry if i want from you something big than you can. But if you-all will do it you render me biggest service.
With the best hopes to Flyme
Nosirxon Kh
If i could not answer there, if it did not put problem to you, please answer to this letter send to e-mail: nosirxonkh@gmail.com