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2017-06-14 02:38

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Flyme First Flyme 6 stable for Global market has been released and I had the chance to use it. Here is my initial review of this most awaited Flyme 6 stable firmware.

The download was available in the forum and weights around 1gb (956mb). The process was pretty quick, all I needed to do was download it using Flyme Internet Browser as .zip file and then finally click it in my phone. An "Update phone" would pop and I chose "Clear Data" and then update.

These changes are compared with Flyme 6 last Public Beta.

Most Noticeable Changes

*The update made my Meizu M3 Note snappier and definitely faster.

*Battery performance has been improved (up to 9 hours screen on time [SOT])

*Themes apps is now pre-installed
*Boot time is faster

*Multitasking is handled better

Cons - Disadvantage

*Camera performance didn't change

*Device is still "Uncertified"
*Some minor bugs

How about you, what's your experience? Comment below!

And that's all for now. If you guys like this type of threads let me know so I'll continue it