[NO ROOT][APP][5.0+] Google Assistant Launcher - Get Google Assistant on 5.0!



2017-06-02 15:01

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This launcher allows you to get Google Assistant on your Lollipop devices. Updated version even allows to get Google Assistant on 5.0 Earler the requirement was 5.1+

This launcher is based on the works of XDA user @Nikhilkumar038 and was furthur developed by Jovic77 so a big thanks to both of them for the excellent job.

Here are some screenshots!

https-//image.ibb.co/kUzstF/Screenshot_2017_05_31_15_11_11.png https-//image.ibb.co/mjdVfv/Screenshot_2017_05_31_14_58_07.png https-//image.ibb.co/mG3wLv/Screenshot_2017_05_31_15_01_48.png https-//image.ibb.co/eCWu7a/Screenshot_2017_05_31_15_01_54.png

1) As this is a signed APK using the device on which this app was developed your antivirus may detect the app as a false positive. Do not panic as this apk is completely virus free.
2) The download link is hidden, please reply to the post and/or rate it if you like my work.
3)I brought you the First Closed Chinese Beta of Flyme 6 within a day of it's release, maybe i'll bring you Flyme 7 too whenever it's released.

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