2017-05-20 20:56

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Ever thought of playing a song through youtube while also saving your precious battery life?

Ever yhought of binge-hearing a latest album by your favorite artist with your phone locked through youtube?

Tired of waiting for the ads to get over so that you can watch your favorite video on Internet?

Your wait is over!

What does this apk do?

1) It can play songs in the background through youtube while you use your phone for other stuff.

2) It can also play audio through youtube with your phone locked and the display turned off.


What do you need?
1) Root (Necessary for all awesome tricks)

2) 5 mins of your time.

How to do it?

1) Uninstall the current version of youtube that you are using.

2) Download the APK

3)Use ES File Explorer to copy the APK to /system/app
4) Go to properties of the apk. GO to Permissions and give all 9 permissions or read,write and execute a tick. Click on OK



Now your YouTube will no longer show you ads and you can use it while using other apps too.

The download link is hidden, please reply to the post and/or rate it if you like my work.
I brought you the First Closed Chinese Beta of Flyme 6 within a day of it's release, maybe i'll bring you Flyme 7 too whenever it's released.

Download Link

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