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2017-04-30 17:07

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Greeting to all Forum Members, it has been more than a year now since our Flyme Community established; during this timespan, we witness its growth together with our members; there have been beta team, mederator team and resources team on the forum, and content series like Tips, question of the week, tutorial, resources, Flyme column, Discover Flyme 6 etc.  It's all the members' effort that we can reach our milestones one by one. Let's make this community more stronger by knowing each other. Every week i will Interview any "Moderator / Admin / Beta Tester / Regular User". In this way, we will get to know about each other. Also we will get to know some intersting facts and stories.

For the first Episode, i am going to Interview Rudraksh who moderates/manage "General, Tutorial, Resources, Resources Team" Section on the forum and he is also one of longest reigning moderator after Brian Rodrigues. Just check his profile and you will get to know how much time he has spent on forum and how much hard work he has done so far and still doing. He also ranked 1st in Flyme 6 Global Beta Testing Ranking List this year.

Ranking list.png

Let's start the Interview -

Q: Hello Rudraksh, first, thanks you so much for accepting my request for facing this interview and my first question is "What is your real name and where you are from?"
A: It's my pleasure dear and my real name is the same as forum name, Rudraksh Tripathi. I'm based in Indore, India.

Q: When you joined the forum exactly?
A: I joined the forum back on 24th January last year.

Q: Wow, that's so close to December when this community established. When and how you get to know about Meizu first time?
A: I was browsing on Amazon, then saw Meizu's m2 note. I loved its simplistic design and the Flyme OS. Then I kept searching about Meizu, and found the forum

Q: Cool, i too get to know about Meizu same way, only difference is that i was browsing on "Snapdeal". Tell me about your first meizu phone.
A: I had a m2 note but had too soon sell it due to some reasons. Then I won a m3note from the forum. I got it for my moderation work.

Q: That's really nice. What are your hobbies?
A: Well there are many . I like to play some drums in my free time, create something new on Photoshop and After Effects. Also, playing Basketball is in the list.

Q: All the medals on the forum are designed by you, is it true and what is the place or country you want to visit in future?
A: Yeah, i designed all of them and I want to visit Dubai and China some day

Q: Woaah man, the medals are awesome, good job. What is best thing you like about this forum?
A: It is a place to discuss and interact with new people. You get to learn new things too.

Q: Also we get updates here (sometimes late) . When and how you became moderator and what was the feeling?
A: I became a mod within a month of my joining. It was Jack who added me as a mod. It was a great feeling indeed. I was really happy to be selected.

Q: Belated congratulations man!! and also Jack gave my first prize on forums "Meizu Lifeme BTS30 Bluetooth Speaker" this year. Any story regarding your "Best day/thing on forum" and "Worst day/thing on forum"?
A: The thing I liked the most was when I was featured in People of the Year and won a MX6 there. And the worst thing was despite our efforts to keep contests fair, a guy won by fake IDs.

Q: Ohh man!! Spamming hurts. That is why you are not interested in contests now?
A: Earlier, there was cheating in contests which was the reason I hated contests. But now rules are more strict and fair for everyone.

Q: Any suggestions to stop spamming in contests?
A: One thing can be done is that, there should be creative contests, in which winners are selected on the basis of creativity. Contests like Theme contest and Slogan contest were my favourite. Also, we mods now check each and  every entry in contest and take necessary actions.

Q: Hmmm, that is why i can see lot of users are getting ban now in contests, good work mods. One question you want to ask product manager?
A: Yes, but its quite funny. When will be the Android base be updated? I hope they update to the latest one now rather than switching to Marshmallow.

Q: Yeah, Everyone is asking "When Flyme 6 Stable" and "When Android 7", what do you think, will we ever get Android 7?
A: I feel like the devs will move on Nougat directly. Not sure though. We waited this long, lets wait a bit more for something good.

Q: You love gadgets, tell me about your favourite YouTuber?
A: My favourite person is Lew from Unbox Threapy. :smile:

Q: Any suggestions for Meizu, what they need to change or add to smartphone to launch in your country?
A: Suggestions are many but to brief, I want to see more launches overseas rather than launches just for China. And they should deliver Global firmware updates more faster.

Q: Hmmm, everybody is complaining about Global Updates. You took part in beta testing, what was your experience?
A: Beta testing was really a great experience overall. Met new people there too. Got to learn so many new things about Flyme. I will continue in Beta team

Q: Don't forget, you ranked 1st also and won MX6. I am wondering how many meizu products you have?
A: My list is quite long :smile:
m3 note
m5 note
PRO 6 Plus


Q: My last question : What do you prefer - Meizu Pro6 Plus or Visiting Meizu HQ?
A: I already have many phones. So PRO 6 Plus will be just an addition to my collection. I would rather visit Meizu HQ if I get a chance. It will be a completely different experience

That's it for our first episode of this new series. And special thanks to Rudraksh again for being part of this and sharing his precious time with us. We apriciate your work and everybody loves your "Tutorials" and "Resources" thread.

This series will continue only when you forum members will like it. Your suggestions for questions are always welcome. Also you can reply the name of next "Mod/ Admin/ Beta Tester / Regular User" whom you want to face "The Interview - Episode 2"

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