Flyme 6 Wallpapers with Bonus Flyme Ringtone



2017-04-21 17:23

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Edited by rohit42 at 2017-04-27 19:09

Flyme 6 Open Beta was released on April 11, 2017 (Download Here) and most of you are using it. But Flyme 6 Wallpapers or old Flyme 5 wallpapers are missing in that version. Here i am sharing Flyme 6 Official Wallpapers which includes Flyme's previous in-built wallpapers also. I hope you will like these wallpapers because some of them are really so awesome.
You can Download .RAR File attached at the end of this thread. Also Bonus Flyme Ringtone is attached in the end.
Here are preview of some wallpapers -

219351.jpg 219357.jpg 219358.jpg 343195.jpg 335122.jpg 249663.jpg 249653.jpg 249652.jpg 249660.jpg 249654.jpg 249657.jpg 249664.jpg 249661.jpg

To download from Forums App, you can download from here - Google Drive Link

Flyme 2.0.rar

1.17 MB