Put Your Thoughts in Flyme 6



2017-04-19 03:06

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Hi friends, Before some days flyme rolled out its new beta firmware (I think almost stable). In that there is lots of animations are added as we know, but still now if flyme add some another features then it will definitely become  world's best firmware developer company.

              As we know that there is no VoLTE and android update in flyme 6 but at this time flyme gives a lot after some time it will improve it's quality.
          I think flyme should add some another features in its flyme 6 stable(i hope whether it takes more time but it will the best firmware) like following :

1.In camera app there should Portrait mode like iOS.
2.There should be Night Mode.
3.There should be different types of performance mode like when we read something it automatically go in reading mode (in One Mind)
4.clone camera like nubia UI etc...

  so guys this is from my side,If you think some more features flyme should add post your ideas on this thread.

Thank you.