How to customize or make your own theme (TUTORIAL)



2017-04-08 18:44

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I am not responsible for bricked devices.

YOU are choosing to make these modifications yourself.

Do this at your own risk!

This is my first tutorial. If there is anything that you don't understand, feel free to ask me about it.

I haven't fully tested it and haven't even tried it on Flyme 6

Before you start you need to root your device if you havent done it already.

When you download theme from official Theme app
it downloads a file to /sdcard/Customize/Themes called
com.meizu.theme.xxxxxxx.mtpk this is a zip archive.
If you unzip it you can find a bunch of other archives
but they are encrypted so you can't modify them.

When you apply theme it moves files from
com.meizu.theme.xxxxxxx.mtpk archive to
and decrypts them in this directory.

If you want to modify theme you need to copy this /theme folder
to /sdcard Now connect your device to Computer (Linux, Mac or Windows)
and copy this /theme folder to computer.
Now you can unzip every file, edit it and zip it
back (make sure file names are same as before!)
move this /theme folder back to phone and from phone move those files to

Now you have to set Permissions to rwx r-- r-- for every file!

Don' reboot jus yet because you have to disable theme app.
I used Disable Aplication [ROOT] you can find it on Play Store.
Open app find Themes click on it and click DISABLE APP
Now you can reboot.