[Discover 6] Chapter 12: Cloud Service



2017-04-06 16:52

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With all the contacts, messages and notes on your phone, migrating data from one phone to the other sometimes would be a pain. However, with the new Flyme 6's cloud service, changing phones and managing data are no longer miserable anymore.

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Flyme makes data migration easier than ever. To transfer personal data from your old phone to a new device, all you need to do is just log in to your Meizu account and tap a button in Settings > Meizu account, where you can set which types of data do you want to backup.
Meizu account.png

After backing up the data, you can change between phones without losing important contacts, messsages, notes, and etc. By logging out on the old phone, you can wipe out all your data from it, swiftly and completely.

And to make your data managing easier, the Flyme official website has released a new webpage for Cloud data management. Now, you can log in to cloud.in.flyme.cn to manage your phone data from any PC. On this site, you can edit notes, modify contacts, recover deleted data...All can be done online easily.
cloud page.png