How to take long exposure photos



2017-03-28 18:12

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hey guys i am gonna show you to take long exposure shots on your device
this may not work on some devices if u don't have manual mode
here is a example of a long exposure shot which i took from my meizu m3 note yor camera app the 4 dots on the top left corner(if u have flyme 6) manual mode select the shutter speed option and slide it to 10 seconds
5.adjust the iso to 100
6.use tripod to keep your camera stable or else your shot will become blur press the shutter button
8.shutter will be open for 10 seconds now and will capture all the light removing all the moving objects will have a indicator indicating how many seconds are left to complete the shot, so no need to worry about picking up your phone at the wrong time will have to do this in a dark room or else you will have a lot of light entering your sensor and result will be a bright white image.
flyme 6 doesn't have a timer for rear camera so be careful while u press the shutter button or else use a earpiece to click a picture.
go enjoy and have fun discovering new modes