Your favourite Android Keyboard?



2017-03-28 12:43

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Android as a platform comes with lot of native & third party Keyboards. If you don’t like what comes by default with the phone you can always change it.
Is there something called the best Android keyboard out there…we doubt. As keyboard, is very person choice?

Some may like the design of the keyboard, some may like the typing experience, some may like the in-built dictionary feature etc.
Beyond all this you also expect the keyboard to support multi languages and auto correction features.

So all keyboards in all the aspects must be very competitive and must keep the users satisfied, which is not an easy job.
In future we see keyboards supporting more international languages, themes & inventing more emojis.

Have you found your perfect keyboard? Which is it & why?
What more features would you like to see in Flyme keyboard in the near future?

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