Flyme image texture compression



2016-03-09 14:48

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We may see the occasion of slow images loading when we open an App, and doubt that: why the system is so laggy?

Regardless the network problem, one of the reason cause this laggy feeling is there’re too many images in the App and their sizes are too big that the images can’t be filtered fast enough to the screen. In this case, we need to compress the images for a better loading speed, and the most common way is Texture Compression.

Flyme adopts ETC (Ericsson TextureCompression,  a lossy algorithm designed for perceptive quality, based on the fact that the human eye is more responsive to changes in luminance than chrominance), cause it supports all kinds of GPU and takes better advantage of mobile hardware. But one of the problem is the compressed images may not be well filtered on the screen.

texture compression.jpg

To solve the problem, Flyme built a specialfilter structure which based on application level; through this structure, we can filter the final view better and faster without modifying framework parameters. So far, we have adopted the structure into our system app like camera and music, you can see fluent experience on image effect displaying. Asthe filtering structure is developed on application level, it means it canrealize the filter effects even adopted in 3rd party mobiles.

This is how the texture compression technology of Flyme works, we hope you have a fluent experience every time you use your smartphone and mobile applications.